Gifts for Pregnant Women

Gifts for Pregnant Women

1. Prenatal Massage

Expecting mothers experience a multitude of physical changes during pregnancy, and a prenatal massage can provide a much-needed break from the stress and tension they may be feeling. The Mayan Abdominal massage, in particular, is known to improve the positioning of the uterus and positively impact the position of the baby in the womb.

2. Nora Nourish Pregnancy Tea
Nora Nourish Pregnancy Tea is a mineral and vitamin-rich herbal tea that is specially formulated to tone and strengthen the uterus. Get yours here: Nora Nourish Pregnancy Tea.
Get yours here: Nora Nourish Pregnancy Tea
3. Soothing Belly Balms

As the skin stretches during pregnancy, it can be soothing to have a balm on hand. 

Buy here: Genesis Tallow Whip
Buy here: Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve
4. A birth ball
Expecting mothers have been using birth balls for years to help relieve hip tension and improve their baby's position during pregnancy and labor.
Buy here: The Birth Ball
5. Birth and Pregnancy Books
To stay informed and inspired during pregnancy, consider picking up a guide such as The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy & Childbirth or Ina May's Guide to Childbirth.
Buy here: The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy & Childbirth

Buy here: Ina May's Guide to Child Birth
6.  Large Water Bottle with a Straw
Staying hydrated is crucial for expectant mothers and nursing mothers, and a large water bottle with a straw can make it easy and convenient. 
Buy here: Stanley water bottles
7. Gift card to favorite restaurant 
Once the baby arrives, date nights may become less frequent, so gifting a date night before the baby's due date is a sweet gesture.
8. Donate to mama’s doula fund
Regardless of whether a mother is planning a hospital, home, or birth center birth, a birth doula can be a valuable resource in supporting and advocating for the mother during labor and delivery. Postpartum doulas can also provide much-needed help in the form of caring for the baby, providing breastfeeding support, and more.
9. The Pregnancy Essentials Box

Our team has put together a gift box filled with some of our favorite pregnancy essentials, making it a simple and sweet way to show appreciation for an expectant mother. 

Pregnancy Essentials Box
Buy here: Pregnancy Essentials Box!
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